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Loyalty Card

Loyal customers

From 12th of October in 2009 all VilbraFoto showrooms introduced a new scheme of a loyalty card.

Evaluating you for being with us visiting and choosing photo equipment in our showrooms, we encourage you to join our Loyalty program for additional discounts and for offers which are dedicated only for loyal customers.

Look for loyalty cards in all the VilbraFoto showrooms in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

What privileges loyalty card provides?

VilbraFoto loyalty card is not a credit or a guarantee card. It is used only when paying with cash or credit card. In order to be granted for a discount, the customer must show the card to the cashier (capturing the purchase card),

before paying for the goods.

Loyalty card not only provides a discount - card holders will be able to use and special, just for them created deals and discounts.

Loyalty Card

How to become a loyalty program participant?

To become a loyalty program participant, your shopping amount should be from 1,000 Lt or a one-off payment of 15 Lt card purchase fee, and then registration form mus be filled, which you can find in all VilbraFoto showrooms.

VilbraFoto Loyalty Card starts to be valid from the moment of its acquisition and shall be valid indefinitely.


Download the registration form:


Discount rates for loyal customers

VilbraFoto loyalty card provides up to 20% discount for the purchases in VilbraFoto showrooms. Discounts can not be combined and are provided only for the goods which are without discount.


Gift Certificate

You can also buy a gift voucher in our showrooms. Enjoy shopping!





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