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Green Clean Air & Vacuum GREEN POWER HI-TECH 400ml.
Green Clean Air & Vacuum GREEN POWER HI-TECH 400ml.

Green Clean Air & Vacuum GREEN POWER HI-TECH 400ml.

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Prekės kodas: G-2061
Gamintojas: Green Clean


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G-2061 Air & Vacuum GREEN POWER HI-TECH (400ml) is a non-flammable aerosol micro Air Duster for contact-free removal of dust. It works with compatible Green Clean Dusting Tools (see compatible products below).

The propellant 1234 ze used is non-flammable and environmentally friendly. With a zero potential of depleting the ozone and a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of only 6, the new propellant is well below the 150 limit of the European F-Gas Regulation.

This 400 ml can of 'GREEN POWER HI-TECH' generates a particularly strong pressure of 6 bar at 20°C at a sustained stable pressure behaviour. In addition, all the trusted Green Clean Dusting Tools can also be used with this product. The spray can thereby become a multifunctional tool. 


Dust can scratch sensitive parts when removed mechanically. A contact-free removal of surface contamination is very important in many circumstances. Low weight and high capacity are very important for service or repair work – the Green Clean Air & Vacuum Power acts as a mobile compressor and is a good addition to your toolbox.

The AIR DUSTER is based on multiply purified inert gas. When DUSTING TOOLS are attached to your AIR DUSTER they turn it into a multi functional tool for cleaning: by blowing or suction action, with anti-static effect or with extensions to get to difficult components.

The ideal dusting tool combination to use with the Air Duster for DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning is: the Mini Vacuum dusting tool (GC-V-3000) and the Pick Up tool (GC-SC-4050-3).



  • Very high pressure
  • Constant stable pressure
  • Chemically inert
  • Designed for repeated use
  • Compatible with Green Clean Dusting Tools (see below)
  • Dusting Tools can be removed from the can at all times without loss of gas
  • Saves unnecessary additional one-way components
  • Dusting tools provide exact pressure control for economical and pinpoint accuracy


  • Weight (inc. can): 549.3 g
  • Pressure @ 20°C: 6 bar
  • Density @ 20°C: 1.155 g/m³
  • Consumption @ 20°C: 270 x 1 sec
  • Test Pressure: 18 bar
  • Content: 400 ml / 445 g


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