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Green Clean Silky Liquid 20ml. + šilkinė servetėlė
Green Clean Silky Liquid 20ml. + šilkinė servetėlė

Green Clean Silky Liquid 20ml. + šilkinė servetėlė

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Prekės kodas: LC-1000
Gamintojas: Green Clean
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LC-1000 Silky Liquid (20ml) & Wipe is ideal for lenses, optics, GPS, Photo Frames and touch phones / PDA devices.

When used in combination with the Green Clean Silky Wipe (GC-T-1020), which is included, it guarantees gentle removal of dust, dirt, and greasy deposits, leaving you with streak-free surfaces.

The cleaning liquid is water based and contains no alcohol, no allergens, is non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable. It creates an antistatic surface, without affecting any surface coatings. Therefore, the liquid is safe and easy to use and will not affect the refraction or the spectral light transmittance of the surface being cleaned.

Green Clean’s Silky Wipe has been developed for use on sensitive, coated surfaces. The quality of the cloth is therefore very soft and does not absorb the cleaning fluid too quickly, so the fluid can be distributed better, thus providing a longer reaction time with the dirt and surface for an optimal cleaning effect.

The woven silk-derivate based wipe is washable at 30°C and can be washed up to 100 times without losing its special qualities.


Note: Do not use fabric softener and do not use in a tumble dryer!

The liquid and wipe can also be used on surfaces such as: laptop screens, handheld devices, housings, glass, plastics and other reflecting surfaces.


Instructions for use: for best cleaning results, ensure the device is switched off and cool. Spray a thin layer on the surface, from a distance of 20 – 30 cm. The surface should be evenly moist, but liquid should not run off. Clean carefully with a gentle motion. Depending on size of screen, use one or more wipes. “Crystal Bright” surfaces may need an additional dry cleaning. Screens with extreme contamination through smoke or grease may need a second cleaning.


Handhelds, Notebooks, PDAs or other small-sized screens: spray liquid direct on the “Silky Wipe” before cleaning screen.



  • x1 Silky Liquid (20 ml)
  • x1 T-1020 Silky Wipe (25 x25 cm)


  • Provides careful cleaning and long-lasting surface protection
  • SILKY LIQUID is fast acting
  • Lifts dirt and simultaneously smooths the surface structure
  • Leaves the surface dirt-repellent
  • Facilitates easier follow-up cleaning
  • No effect on spectral light transmission
  • Causes no aberrations or distortions
  • Antistatic surface effect
  • Surface coatings are not affected


  • Designed for use on lenses, optics, touch phones / PDAs, GPS, Photo Frames
  • Water based
  • Alcohol free
  • No allergens
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Creates long lasting anti-static effect


  • Silk derivate & cotton yarn mix
  • No chemical binders
  • No bleach
  • Can be used on sensitive, coated surfaces
  • Washable at 30°C
  • Reusable


  • Kit weight: 68.6 g
  • Silky wipe size: 25 x 25 cm
  • Liquid volume: 20 ml


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